Pet Grooming

A clean pet is both healthy and happy. Na hair in the eyes, well brushed hair, fresh and clean fur, clipped nails, clean teeth, and a pest free skin make the life of the pet comfortable and better their behavior.

Conversely, adverse effects happen when the pet is not groomed well, making things worse. Serious conditions may arise if you neglect the right pet grooming habits. When you do not maintain the grooming of your pet regularly, it might result in expensive bills at the vet and rickety behavior. The results of neglected needs of the pet include;


Long Hair

Long hair results in discomfort and issues of the skin in cats and dogs. Hair in the eyes of the pet blurs its vision, alternates its behavior, and results in the problems of the eyes. When you do not brush and clean long hair regularly, your furry pals will suffer from matting and can be a burden to walk with them.



Lack of pet grooming, especially brushing and washing, results in matting. This is painful and paves way to different conditions of the skin. Also, matting restricts the flow of blood pulling tightly on the skin of the pet and a small pat result in so much pain. In other cases, matting can be very severe that it ends up restricting body movement resulting in deformity in your pet.


Double Coating

Neglecting brushing or irregular brushing the hair of the pet leads to an extra coat. This exposes it to suffer from the stress of heat.


Overgrown Nails

Nails that are long may be fashionable in females but for pets, it is the opposite. Overgrown nails result in discomfort and pain. Long nails in the paw pad causes infections. Also, long nails can cause the toes to bend and result in walking deformities.


Grass Seeds

In case you are not up to date with pet grooming, it is hard to detect seeds of grass on the pet. Seeds that are undetected will result in severe issues like abscesses. In other cases, the pet will lose its eyes from these seeds.


Fleas, Tick and Mites

If you are not grooming in a timely manner, the pet becomes host to common parasites like mites, ticks, and fleas. The blood sucking parasites are fatal to the pet and thrive on dirty and untreated bodies.


Dental Problems

Absence of dental care opens up different issues orally including tartar formation, teeth loss, reduced appetite, bad breath, and if left untreated, it can lead to damages of organs like the kidneys, liver, and the heart.

All these issues are connected to lack of pet grooming in the pets. They are detrimental to the physical of the pet because of pain and discomfort. When you do grooming regularly or employ PBN professionals to do it for you, you will support the pet to lead a mentally strong and physically fit life. It is, therefore, necessary to start tending to the grooming requirements of the pet for their wellbeing.


Basic Tools

Pet grooming professionals at PBN need the following tools to achieve a fresh look on the pet.

  • Nail trimmers
  • Dryer / Towel
  • Conditioner
  • Pet shampoo
  • Scissors / clippers
  • Comb
  • Brush

Do not employ tools that are made for human beings. Stick to pet grooming tools to get the right professional look.


Proper Set-up

To make the grooming experience relaxing and calm, be ready every time you groom the pet. Make a habit of being prepared and organized. You need to make sure that you are keeping your pet tools separately from others. Put them in a place that is convenient and clean. Put them on a shelf that is elevated and far from children.


Optional Pet Tools

In the place of traditional sink and tubs, you can invest in the dog bath tub. The bath tub of the dog is gaining in popularity among owners of pets. These tubs are downscaled to meet the needs of the pets. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some have rubber to prevent the dog from falling and the other one has belts to keep the wiggly dog in place.